Memorial Day 2021:  Salutes of Honor

Memorial Day 2021 welcomes us to a huge holiday. We are exchanging the restrictions, masks, and lock-downs of our COVID-19 ordeal for parties, picnics, and barbeques.

Tough traffic situations and crowded events mark this Memorial Day all over the country. That would not be abnormal in previous Memorial Day situations. Consequently, for Memorial Day 2021, the lessening of our COVID-19 regulations spikes the holiday with a stronger sense of celebration.

Moreover, Memorial Day will be time for a minivacation, across town or across the country! From the roads and highways to the parks and backyards, the US is preparing for all types of Memorial Day 2021 outdoor family fun.

Memorial Day 2021:  A Vacation Mentality Gateway

Memorial Day 21: Save Time To Remember The Sacrifice of Our Heroic Soldiers.

Celebrate Memorial Day 21, Post COVID-19… A Memorial Day Like No Other.

Memorial Day always inspires Americans with the first taste of summer escapes.  Three days create this summer holiday. Indeed, after months of restrictions on travel and interaction, we greet this Memorial Day 2021 with unprecedented joy and vigor.

The Truth About This Holiday:  A Double-Sided Holiday

All these celebrations are wonderful enterprises as we initiate this summer spirit of joy.  However, we must not neglect the true meaning of every Memorial Day.  We have mentioned the happy side of the holiday. On the other side, Memorial Day 2021 also reflects another mood.

To Clarify, the other side of the festivity is more somber.  It is a Day of remembrance and honor for our military dead. (By the way, Veteran’s Day honors the living and dead military, but Memorial Day specifies those who died.)

The Sometimes Secret or Forgotten Meaning of Memorial Day

Did you know the custom of setting aside Memorial Day to honor our nation’s military dead originated shortly after the Civil War? The original purpose of the holiday was not to create a summer celebration. It was to set aside time to pay honor, reverence, and respect to members of America’s Armed Forces, the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

A Memorial Day 2021 Message:  More than a Mini-Vacation

Angel Kissed SEO Services blog typically stays very close to topics about writing, blogging, SEO, marketing, and general business tips.  Only once in a while do I feel compelled to comment on a season.  Memorial Day is just such a rare occasion. We have published this story previously.  However, it is worth repeating. It is the story of one of the best Memorial Day Ceremonies I ever attended:

Memorial Day Special Edition: My Memorial Day of Strangeness and Power, 2015

Remember Our Heroic Soldiers. They Sacrificed Their Lives So We Could Live FREE!

My most memorable and powerful Memorial Day began as a simple weather report and a little ceremony.  The place was my hometown cemetery where my father and stepfather, both veterans of WW II, are buried.

On that particular Memorial Day in 2015, high winds, and rain in my hometown canceled a lot of sunny outings. Additionally, flooding closed some lakes, and campers were evacuated from their tent sites. I had a good vantage point above the crowd. I was poised on the roof of a pickup truck to get good photos for the mayor. But what I saw that day could not be captured in a mere photo. The spirit of true patriotism filled hundreds of people that day.  Here’s the story…

The flags and flowers on the graves at our National cemetery hung damp and weather-beaten. Hundreds of umbrellas held off large water drops as the ceremonial visitors stood at the decorated graves of the fallen heroes.

A Sudden Shift in the Mood

Remember And Honor. They Sacrificed For US!

The crowd shuffled and murmured in the rain. However, they stayed. Their presence stoically bore testament to the serious mayoral speech. By the time he finished his words, the somber crowd was soggy, sad, and a little sullen.

Pelting rain added gloss to the umbrellas.  A Smash of thunder. Then, there were shifting feet and murmuring among the crowd. Then, came another crash. …A moment of stunned silence.

Then the rain lightened, and the wind tugged at the sodden kilt of the lone Scotsman who came over the hill. He was a silhouette, backlit by a patch of light. He marched out of the low hanging clouds, the spray, and the haze.

His bagpipes skirled “Amazing Grace” as the mist parted and swirled in steaming vapors around him.


Suddenly there was a shift in the mood of the crowd…  It was as if the restless citizens woke up from some sort of selfish trance.

The crowd suddenly rediscovered their purpose for being there. Then, they found their storm-driven intention to show reverence and honor for their U.S. military fallen heroes.

As bagpipes played, the rain transformed into a downpour. Several umbrellas turned inside out, their hearts broken against the wind and rain. However, the wail of the bagpipes bravely out-gunned the weather.

Next came a moment that could not have been planned, a spontaneous, but somehow ceremonial tribute:

One by one, the people began to fold their already-almost-useless umbrellas.

Row by colorful row, red, yellow, turquoise, black and striped, umbrellas melted into closed canes at the side of each member of the quiet crowd.  It was like an unseen movie director choreographed the folding of the umbrellas.

Everyone stood a little taller in the drenching water, and that moment held through the end of Amazing Grace, through “Taps,” and through the gunshots of the salute.

Even as the crowd split and broke to go to the parking lot, most of the umbrellas stayed down. The rain came down in curtains. But after the gunshots, no one rushed and ran. They moved quietly to their cars, slowly, steadily, deep in thought.

I was left breathless with wonderment.

Looking Forward, More Aware

This writer has thought of that special day on every single Memorial Day since it happened. Angel Kissed SEO Services invites you to take a moment.  Say a prayer.  Place a flower, or light a candle for fallen military heroes–before you go to the beach or the lake.

Best and Bravest, Saddest and Gravest

Memorial Day 2021: Remember Our Heroic Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, and Grandfathers... These are the Soldiers Who Sacrificed Their Lives That We Might Live Free!

We Really Move Our Wings to Reopen Your Business in the Post-Pandemic Era. Happy Memorial Day.

This weekend will bring fun, family, and food, but underneath the festivities, we all know it is really time to remember the heroes who fought for freedom.

True, we celebrate the arrival of summer on Memorial Day 2021, but we’ll reserve some of our “fun” time to honor those who gave so much to keep us free. As we have done previously, we celebrate the coming Memorial Day, with an inspiring quote from a fitting song by Lee Greenwood.

“And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.”

Terrific Take-Aways for Memorial Day

Angel Kissed SEO Services has decided that a one-day memorial is not enough!  We vow to stay mindful of the grateful spirit of Memorial Day2021. We will honor our fallen military for the entire remainder of the month.


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