Attracting Blog Visitors: Business Partners with Bloggers

Attracting Blog Visitors is part of my job when I write blogs for my clients.  However, blogging is a partnership. And clients must also let people know they have an active blog, full of free information. Thus, about once a year, I address this issue of getting visitors, friends, readers, and customers to visit your blog.

Yes, this blog is a love-note to the way a blog supports a business and vice versa.  Wouldn’t your business like to have a community of readers dedicated to pursuing your website in quest of free information.  The information normally includes your services, products, and company stories as well as global news?  Read on to see how Angel Kissed SEO Services helps you accomplish that mission.

Attracting Blog Visitors to Make Your Brand Shine

Attracting Blog Visitors Requires Angelic Shine. An appealing Smile Doesn't Hurt Either.

A Little Glitz and A Smile Can Add To Your Blogging Appeal.

The Internet is indeed a mysterious space. I think of it as more infinite and immortal than the oldest, most distant galaxy.  As we recover from COVID-19 and reopen businesses, there has never been a more important time to shine up your brand.  When businesses redesign websites and establish lively blog-pages, they are polishing their star in this hyper-enormous universe of galaxies. And that star shine makes them more inviting than their neighboring stars.

Sometimes this is a very difficult point to make with potential clients, especially small business people who, in the name of budget, decide not to hire a blogger. (Their star will be dim and dull.)

Partner With Your Blogger for Visitor Attraction

So, I dedicate this blog to potential clients, and also to struggling bloggers who are new to the rules of search engines and SEO.  And I say to businesses, yes, your beautifully designed, excellently programmed website is a star. But it shines beside millions and billions of other “stars.” The other stars or websites are also beckoning readers. In fact, I know of businesses that have paid for meticulously crafted pages and blogs to textbook perfection. Them they complain  in distress after one or two months because “no one has found my website,” or “no one ever reads the blog.”

Ask Not What Your Blog Has Done For You…

Angels are Helpful in Attracting Visitors,, But They Can't Do It All For You.

Don’t Count On The Angels For All Contacts. Social Media Can Also Help.

So, I have to ask such clients, “What are you doing to help readers find the website or the blog? It is not just about technology; it’s about people. Out of all the millions of other websites out there, how are people supposed to find you? As your blogger, I must know how to utilize rich content, good writing, SEO, links, sub-headings, and tags. But then no matter what, the website or the blog still cannot do all the work of attracting new customers to your business.

  1. Some people might be shocked at this, but you need to actually help let people know you exist. Your blog is like your calling card.  Why not put your blog address on your business card?
  2. It is almost as important as your phone number. Fliers and brochures must also include the address of your website, or blog page, and yet many do not.
  3. The blog is only a part of your total marketing picture.  At Angel Kissed, I love coordinating with your social media team or your marketing department.

Attracting Blog Visitors to Your Brand

Remember that your other advertising media, like newspaper, radio, television, even letterheads must help send people to your blog. –And your blog is only steps away from your service page, where visitors transform into customers for your products or services.

  • As other experts have said, the web is just one spoke in the wheel of your advertising strategy. Use your social media to direct people to your website and read certain blog posts that have timely appeal and wonderful, free information in them.
  • For example, your Facebook includes the people of your circle of acquaintance, your world. So in your posts, you can share news about your business. (Just be careful that you are posting information, not pure advertisements.)
  • In fact, you can link your blog to your social media.

An Invitation to Conversation:  Spread the Word about Your Blog

  1. Talk about your blog to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Word of mouth is still the strongest way to attract customers to your business. Family members will love to know what is going on in your business.
  2. An Important Suggestion:  Make sure friends, family, and business associates know how to find the button to put their email address on your home page. Then, you can automatically send them blogs, special e-mails, or newsletters. (It almost goes without saying that you need to make sure your web designer has added this button to your home page. It can be very useful in attracting blog visitors.)

Are You Implementing Simple Ways for Attracting Blog Visitors?

Better yet, ask them if you can input their emails for them and just type them in, with a comma between each one. If you add just three names a week, just think how fast you can grow a mailing list for e-mails or newsletters.

  1. Keep a pad nearby. Then, when you get a caller, ask them for their e-mail address.
  2. Likewise, if you have a brick-and-mortar store, put a pad or clipboard by the cash register.  Even if people say they’re “just looking,” they will often give you an email address for your newsletter.

Time:  The “Longest Yard” Between Blogger and Business

My last comment is the most difficult one, and yet it requires very little energy:  Be patient.  Remember, I said the Internet was like an immortal entity. It has no sense of time. And yet, we know that blogs and websites are accepted and moved up in status, often simply because they “age” into it with consistent excellence and high-quality content.  So, if you know and trust your blogger, bide your time, and you will eventually collect regular blog visitors.

Good Bloggers:  Building Your Business into the Position of Authority

Building a position of authority on a search engine like Google requires time, sometimes years.  That the reason why I require a business client to sign a contract for a year when I become their blogger here at Angel Kissed.

Good position on the search engines might happen sooner because the Internet is unpredictable. But normally, search engines take their time, 3,6, or 9 months.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the Angel Kissed Blog.  Please visit us again for news about the world of blogging and information that could enhance your bottom line.  And now, I invite you to watch for Part II of this article in my next blog. At that time, I will reveal how some of my clients get extra mileage out of the blogs written for them.

About the Author:  Charmaine’s background includes experience as a college communications professor, theatre director, medical secretary, and business owner. She embraces life now as a content-writing specialist in web pages and blogs. At Angel Kissed SEO Services, her words have become the online voice of multiple companies.  The companies are highly diversified.  They include pulmonology, cosmetic surgery, accounting, trucking, law, real estate, anesthesiology, and countless other business services. 

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