Hot Tips for Writing Sizzling Headlines

Hot Tips!  No charge! We of Angel Kissed SEO Services have resolved in 2021 to use our blog to share all our hottest tips on blogging and writing from our last 19 years of blogging experience. A friend recently asked me for an honest opinion of his blog entry. It is always difficult when a friend puts you on the spot, isn’t it?  Actually, my buddy’s article was pretty well written.

Obviously, he had spent a great deal of time on his clear, concise, creative story. Where he had slipped was that he rushed writing his headline. It was long.  It was boring. He did not put his key phrase in it.

My Headline Confession:  The Appetizer to my Hot Tips

These Hot Tips Can Greatly Improve Your Headlines.

Your Blog Article is the Steak, But the Headline is the Sizzle.

I must confess that I devote almost half the time I am writing a blog to write the headlines and their sub-headers. I thought I was remarkably slow and I beat myself up about it, but –guess what?

The really great bloggers and content writers of our time also spend a great deal of the assigned writing time crafting the headline of an article. You might ask, “Is the headline really that important? Here is the answer from Jeff Bullas.  Not familiar with that name?  Forbes names him a “top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and the world’s top social marketing talent.”

Jeff states, “Blog posts don’t go viral, headlines do. It’s the headline that people share on Facebook. It’s the headline that people talk about at the water cooler. Complex ideas do not go viral. Viral ideas are simple, yet impactful.”

Secret Formula for Blog Headlines Overview:

First, Use A Little Magic

Art, science, and a little bit of personal magic go into every good headline.  According to the experts, “80% of the people who come across your blog will read only the headline. 20% will continue to read the entire post.”

So every time I write a headline, I validate spending extra time on it by justifying that the headline is the door-way to my article. The headline is also the hook, the snare which leads, seduces, or forces the website visitor to read the blog. And from there we hope he will buy the client’s product.
See?  That is why hot tip number one is to use the secret formula:  a little science, a little art, and a little magic.

Second, Do Your Headline-Writing Homework

I must note that every time I research headline writing in regards to blogs or lectures, I am amazed at how much there is “out there” to study! There is a great deal of information on the Internet about writing good headlines.  Neil Patel, a brilliant blogger shines a light on the subject, and there are many others.

So, in addition to reading and researching the information for your topic, you must also study other bloggers and writers and their hints and tips for headlines.  Above all, you hope to engage the heart and ensnare the mind of both the readers and the search engines.  That’s a challenge for 50-70 letters, including spaces! I’m tempted to say that the headline of a blog is the sonnet form of prose.

So, let’s get started.  Here are 5 Hot Tips to ignite your passion for “Blow me away” headlines.

Five Hot Tips:  Classic Headline Requirements and Back to Basics

Hot Tips: Create Exciting Headlines.

Good Headlines Have Sold Billions of Newspapers. Sizzling Headlines Can Also Sell Your Blogs Or Your Client’s Products.

Many people who write blogs are completely unaware that there are protocols to help you write good headlines. With such tips and hints, I am totally confident that any writer can compose good headlines. With these hints as guides, both readers and Google will love your headlines.  So, let’s start with the basics:

A.      The Brutal Magic of Specificity:

This requirement means your headline must be precise. It should state your topic in a manner that is clearly detailed, unambiguous, and exact.

For example:  “How To Mix A Cocktail is far too general.” How about this for an improvement, “Six Sexy Steps To Mix James Bond’s Perfect Martini.”  We made the topic of the blog more specific-and more exciting.

B. The Kindly Appeal of Helpfulness:

A blog reader wants content, and he or she wants it for free.  He doesn’t just want a sales pitch or an infomercial script. He or she wants help with some sort of problem.

They hope you will give them something useful with your words. Does your headline reveal that the blog will solve a problem?  Does it promise or useful information? It must. Yes, a reader will accept some sizzle, but he must also get the steak or he will go elsewhere—usually to your client’s competitor.

C. The Necessity of Urgency:

The Right Headline Could Make Your Blog Go Viral.

This concept is tougher than the previous two. Nothing inspires action like a time limit. I believe readers are natural procrastinators.  Writing any type of marketing material automatically requires this basic quality of Urgency. Otherwise, how could you be specific about a compelling call to action?

I really try to make this work, but I find it one of the more difficult characteristics of writing the headline. Urgency is a quality that motivates the reader to absorb your article immediately. No wonder problem-solving blogs are so popular!

D. The Need To Be Newsworthy:

For both human readers and for search engines, re-cycled content should be avoided. There is a reason “new” first became a commercial writer’s power word in the 1950s!

The clout of “new” is still retained in the advertising world, and it’s strength also survives in literature, journalism, and cinema.  Why would readers love you if you just show them what they already experienced! “New” rocks. “New” rules.

So, is your topic newsworthy? Have you put your personal twist on old knowledge, to enhance it?

Famed Blogger Neil Patel advises us, “To show that you have something of value to share, use the following words“:

“Dates” (For Example:  an SEO guide for 2021)



“New way to”

5.  Last but Not Least of the Hot Tips:  The Fun Factor!

Do not let your content “sound” like it is boring.  I recently was accepted by a client in spite of the fact my proposal was more expensive than my competitor’s price, and I really highly regarded the competitor.

When I asked what the difference between my competitor’s writing and mine, he said, “I love your fun use of adjectives.” He also loved my stories, but creativity is a completely different blog topic.

One of the Hot Tips Is Find The Fun.

It’s Not Always Easy To Find The Perfect Title.
However, the Writer in You Demands You Try.

“Use adjectives to spice up your headline to make it sound a little more fun.”  As they say in the theatre, “death is easy, comedy is hard.”Do not strain to add your adjectives, but keep them in mind when you are self-editing. And do not use too many.  Too much salt can ruin a dish!  And sometimes an action verb is better than 2 extra adjectives.

Try to be at least a little bit inventive, clever, humorous, or fun.  I specialize in writing for medical and financial websites. So needless to say, this can be very challenging.

As you digest the 5 qualities of a good headline, listed above, remember, if it were easy, then everybody would do it.  My friend in the introduction of this blog decided he just could not do it; he hired me to do it. Oh, I won’t have to write his blogs, just his Headlines!  Hum-m-m-m-m-m.  That is going to be very expensive! And it might not work. You see, often the headline should be the last thing you write, not the first.

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