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Veteran’s Day Facts: Our SEO Salute

Veteran's Day facts can be confusing.  Most people know this day is always on November 11, but they do not know why. Instead of our ususual SEO, marketing, Writing  and blogging topics, this month we [...]

Labor Day 2020: Reflections

Labor Day 2020 is the big holiday that comes between July 4 and Thanksgiving.  Once again it’s time to mark the end of summer. Angel Kissed Seo Services would be remiss if we did not send you a special [...]

July Fourth Holiday: Spirit and Safety

The July Fourth holiday is just around the corner.  Therefore, we hope you are making plans to stay within your bubble of safety from COVID-19. Certainly, we know you are planning for the traditional picnics, [...]

Mothers Day: in the Time of an Epidemic

Mothers Day in the time of COVID-19 is very strange. However, it’s not the first time we have faced off with a deadly invisible enemy.  Read on to find out when we did this previously, [...]

Remdesivir: Bringing New Hope

Remdesivir is probably a name that is familiar to us all. Remdesivir is one of several drugs currently being tested as a possible and very promising treatment for COVID-19. However, as important as the treatment are [...]

Blog Structure is Like a Teepee

Blog Structure, SEO, Sentences are like three poles upon which I build the teepee of a blog.  The three concepts of this blog are very simple—and yet so complex that many of my blog students [...]

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