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Charmaine Beleele, SEO Professional

About Charmaine

After many years as a reporter, Charmaine became known as “The Lois Lane” of journalistic and creative writing.  In those days she loved to chase the stories about super adventures of business owners. However with the growth of the Internet, she heard the public cry out for heroes in blogging and website writing. So she decided to harness her own super power strength—words, for the good of the business world.

In addition to her Masters Degree in communication, Charmaine’s life-experience includes over twenty years of teaching Communication, English, Journalism and Speech classes. Although her clients at Angel Kissed SEO Services command most of her writing time, Charmaine maintains her rank as a Professor at the University of Arkansas, and a contributing writer for various magazines and newspapers.

Previous to her teaching career, Charmaine  worked for five years as a medical executive assistant for a nursing school, and a medical transcriptionist. This experience explains why many doctors, lawyers and professionals seek her work.

Charmaine ocassionally continues her work in free-lance professional photography in her spare time. Her knowledge of photography and photo-shop is an added plus for clients using her services as a writer and SEO specialist at her Angel Kissed SEO Services.

She has recently written website pages, content and copy for Gavrilov Accounting, Palm State Mortgage Company, Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa, Florida Lung Doctors, the Leak Doctor, and Ads Plus Advertising.

Note from Charmaine:
I will bring your blog the strength of factual research, original thought, and lively SEO stimulus for the search engines. I will also bring the human factor to your online “voice.” My writing is designed to spark the energy and “Personality” that reaches out to readers and transforms them into fans. Fans look forward to checking your blog every week, like a mini-newspaper. My blogs are designed to make your site become an “authority” site rich with breaking news, and information or fun facts related to your service, product or industry. This magic is why my blogging costs a little more than average. I’m also available for freelance work. Below you will find a select list of clients for whom I am blogging.

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