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By creating your text for your web pages, and other writing projects, Angel Kissed SEO Services saves you time!

Bring a new and personal dimension to your website with the lively and creative writing of Charmaine Beleele. A professional writer brings quality words that polish to your online appearance within every written aspect of your business.

Angel Kissed SEO Services:  Your Content Store


A professional writer polishes your online appearance within every written aspect of your business.

  • The Internet is powered with words.
  • Words fuel your brand
  • And words expand your profit margin.


Content:  More than Words, content is communication expressed with technological If you could go to a Word store to shop for Word Power, for your business, your wish list would look like this:


Blog posts,                               Website Pages
Articles,                                    Brochures,

E-Books,                                   Product descriptions,

Video Scripts                            Whitepapers,

Digital Newsletters,                  Advertisements

Webinars,                                  Posts for Social Media


If you want attention from the search engines and some positioning to leverage the Internet,  then  good content essential.  Whether you require a few memorable slogans or a six page content-rich website, we can wrap your company’s products and services in unique and personable words.  You are the best at what you do; let a professional writer describe it perfectly to your clients in language that both humans and search engines love!

Blogging Services

By creating your blog, Angel Kissed Seo Services consistently welcomes readers to your website, to help spread the word about your business.

Keep your messages alive with blogs! Both your human readers and the search engines thrive on fresh, carefully crafted words and phrases. A regular blog will attract regular visitors. Visitors become clients. Clients become fans. Business experts tell us that 80% of your business comes from repeat clients. Blogs give you something new and fresh each time the client re-visits your site with new needs.

With meticulous market research and rich vocabulary choices, Charmaine Beleele will create words for you that…
…attract clients, words that describe your products,

…words that sell your benefits,

…words that give you an edge over your competition.

We believe that presenting yourself regularly on the Internet in concise, creative words is as important as the photography and graphic design you choose for your visual image on every website page. Convenient packages are available for individual guest blog entries or regular weekly blogs that bring important attention to your business. Placing fresh news, tips and content in your blogs at regular intervals has been proven over a steady period of time, to attract search engines and improve your internet position.

Newsletter Creation

Please allow Angel Kissed SEO to Show you how Newsletters provide another way to maintain personal connections with your clients and friends.

At Angel Kissed Seo Services, Charmaine can provide you with two types of newsletter styles for emails. Either one will enrich your clients’ perception of the life and success of your business:

Style One: This is a short specific and specialized tip, announcement or story sent to your entire registered e-mail list. Have you gotten new staff? Are you adding a new product or service? Do you simply wish to send a Holiday greeting, a sweet recipe, or a tip to make your client’s life better? If you answered “Yes,” then Type One is the Newsletter for you.

Style Two: Send information to Charmaine, by phone or e-mail and she will write 2-3 short stories about office news and industry developments specific to your business. Such a newsletter brings status and success to your business image. Bright graphic layout and images enhance the impression of a little online magazine all about you!

Something Special

As a professional photographer, known for teaching classes at the University of Arkansas, Charmaine brings the editing ability of editing good choices of images for your blogs and newsletters. She also has the advantage of creating Photoshop corrections for your images, should you desire them, or even creating special and original photography for you. All of her blogs feature 1-2 carefully chosen, edited or created photographs at no extra charge.

Extraordinary Partners

Charmaine has been honored to establish a new reputation in SEO skills with a world-class web design company, Orlando Website Design. Discover more about SEO writing and Charmaine’s new free-lance writing offers at their site. Just click on the Design Workshop tab at the top of the page.

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